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CONfidence App
The CONfidence app provides over 70 pages of reliable health information for persons with bladder and bowel incontinence and for their caregivers.

Constipation Management
The Constipation Management app provides personalized tracking and management of symptoms and bowel movements to aid in improving continence and digestive health.

Flush – Toilet Finder and Map
The Flush Toilet Finder is the quickest, simplest way of finding a public bathroom or restroom. Simply open the app and it will display the nearest toilets to you.

Kegel Trainer PFM Exercises
The Kegel Trainer app provides guidance and tracking for pelvic floor muscle exercises, improving bladder control and sexual function.

Vesica – Mobile Bladder Diary
The Vesica app is a mobile bladder diary to keep track of your voiding habits. Your doctor might ask you to keep one if you are having problems with incontinence or other urinary problems.

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