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Overflow incontinence can be caused by fecal impaction. Risk factors of fecal impaction include immobility, dehydration, weak colonic propulsion, impaired rectal sensation, depression, medications and dementia.

Reservoir incontinence is a disease related disorder and includes individuals with idiopathic (occurring without known cause) inflammatory bowel disease involving the rectum, radiation proctitis, colectomy and chronic rectal ischemia.

Rectosphincter incontinence results from sensory or motor dysfunction and may be due to weakness or damage to the anal sphincters and pelvic floor muscles. It can be the result of a number of factors such as vaginal childbirth and parity, chronic straining to pass stool, surgery (e.g. anal fissure repair, hemorroidectomy), trauma or age related changes.

What is Fecal Incontinence

Causes of Fecal Incontinence

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Fecal Incontinence