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CNCA Conference, May 27-28 2016
Climbing Higher, Calgary AB

RN Prescribing: Change is Coming
Kathleen Hunter, PhD RN NP GNC(C)

Update on Surgical Interventions for Incontinence
Magali Robert, MD, MSc, FRCS

New Approaches to Constipation
Dorothy Doughty, MN RN CWOCN FAAN

Continence Management Protocol for Acute Care
Marcia Carr

Obstetrical Injury and Effects on the Pelvic Floor
Colin Birch, MD,MBBS, FRCSC

The Pelvic Canister
Kristen Grovue & Meaghan Evans

Dealing with Contact Dermatitis
Dorothy Doughty, MN RN

Vaginal Atrophy-Don't Ignore It
Grace Neustaedter, RN, MN, NCA