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Brenda Callahan is a Nurse Continence Advisor (NCA) with Eastern Health* in St. John’s, NL.  Brenda finished her NCA program in 2012 and joined the team of 5 NCAs working at the Women’s Health Clinic, Health Sciences Center (HSC).

Brenda and the other NCAs provide a NCA clinic at the HSC, provincial tertiary care center.  Both men and women are referred to the NCA clinic if they are experiencing bladder and / or bowel incontinence. In this role, NCA completes comprehensive assessments and physical examination of clients/patients; establishes a diagnosis (stress, urge, stress/urge, overflow, functional, iatrogenic); collaborates with the physician, patient/client, family and other health care providers as required in developing treatment objectives; provides teaching and education to client/family;  implements a treatment plan that works toward a better quality of life.

After caring for many women who require a pessary as part of their treatment plan, Brenda noted some women needed extra support or education with pessary care. She attended a Pelvic Floor clinic in Calgary to train in NCA pessary. She came back to NL and brought back that learning to the clinic so the other NCAs could also better care for these patients. Now in addition to the option of physician visits for pessary care, patient can also attend the NCA pessary clinic or be trained to provide self-care at home. 
Brenda and NCAs also collaborate with the urologists and urogynecologists to play an integral role in the operation of a complete urodynamics testing service at the Women’s Health Clinic.

The NL NCAs work collaboratively with physicians in clinic in the Women’s Health Clinic to assess and manage incontinence issues for the residents of Newfoundland and Labrador. In looking to the future - They look forward to expanding the program with biofeedback technology and clinic.

*Eastern Health is the largest integrated health organization in Newfoundland and Labrador. We provide the full continuum of health services to a regional population of more than 300,000 and are responsible for a number of unique provincial programs. Our over 13,000 health care and support services professionals believe in providing the best quality of care and health service delivery in our region and in the province. Eastern Health extends west from St. John's to Port Blandford and includes all communities on the Avalon, Burin and Bonavista Peninsulas.

Brenda Callahan