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Barbara Anderson, Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) / Nurse Continence Advisor (NCA) at West Park Healthcare Centre

West Park’s rehabilitation and complex continuing care population requires access to specialty continence practice, supporting the need for a CNS/NCA with specific knowledge and skills in assessing and making treatment recommendations for patients experiencing more complex urinary and fecal incontinence, as well as catheter related problems. The CNS/NCA provides consultation and education on more complex neurogenic bladder and bowel issues, for example the assessment, care and teaching required by a patient with a spinal cord injury or post spinal cord surgery.

On a typical day the CNS/NCA receives referrals from physicians, as well as anyone on the interprofessional team through a consultation model and directly from patients (self-referral). A second level in-depth assessment is completed. Assessment details and treatment recommendations are summarized in a consult letter to the attending or referring physician. The CNS/NCA provides follow-up visits to promote conservative, behavioural interventions using a variety of teaching strategies and motivational interviewing techniques. The CNS/NCA collaborates with the Centre’s urologist in the patient’s care. 

The CNS/NCA provides leadership for the development and revisions to the catheter related policies, catheter related medical directives, the infection work-up medical directive, bladder scan policy and documentation processes (paper and electronic). The CNS/NCA provides corporate leadership in setting clinical criteria for evaluating incontinence products and clinical expertise in advising on the best possible products for our complex continuing care population. The CNS/NCA partners with the infectious disease physician and infection control nurses in providing consultative expertise in regards to antibiotic stewardship, decision support for when to do a urine culture, the prevention of urinary tract infections and catheter associated urinary tract infections.

As West Park’s CNS/NCA, Barb is proud to be the current CNCA President-Elect, as well as the CNCA representative on the Canadian Network of Nursing Specialities, Canadian Nurses Association. Barb led a group of CNS/NCA authors to publish the Promoting Continence Care, A Bladder and Bowel Handbook for Care Providers (2014).  Barb is also involved as an educator as a tutor in the McMaster University, Nurse Continence Advisor Program and holds an appointment as an Assistant Clinical Professor, McMaster University, School of Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences.

Barb Anderson